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Wellness with April

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

April is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, working online or in person in East Sussex. Through comprehensive information gathering and investigations into root causes, each client receives personalised diet and lifestyle advice that is designed to help them reach and maintain their health and wellness goals. This is because April believes in replacing bad habits with good ones and reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits that make you look and feel better for the rest of your life. Get in touch to learn more today.


What is Naturpathic Nutritional Therapy?

Every one of us is biochemically unique. We are a result of our genetics and the epigenetic influences of our internal and external environment that have influenced our gene expression. Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy looks at your whole life picture to try to identify the root cause of any biochemical imbalances whether they are genetic or epigenetic.  By looking at the whole picture we can identify areas that can be adjusted to help support your body to get back into balance.

During your initial consultation, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist will ask all manner of questions about your health and lifestyle including your medical history, your regular diet and how you handle stress.  You may be advised to undergo functional laboratory testing (genetic, stool, saliva, urine or blood) in order to pinpoint areas that are out of balance.

In a Naturopathic Nutrition protocol, you can expect to receive both diet and lifestyle advice that is aimed at helping support your body's natural ability to heal, regenerate and rebalance.


A Holistic Approach to Help You...

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Manage an ongoing or chronic condition

Investigate any new, unusual or stubborn symptoms

Optimise your health and wellness to be your best you


I visited April after months of sleeplessness due to aches and pains, taking painkillers nightly to stop myself waking up from the pain. I was exhausted. April asked questions that lead down paths I’d not imagined and made connections that clicked for me. A list of wisely considered supplements and within 10 days the aches were completely gone.  April is very very good at her job, you feel completely safe and her advice makes proper sense, on many levels. I cannot recommend her highly enough. We should all be seeing the Aprils of this world.

Ceri - Brighton, UK


April Gutensohn

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