Working with April

All packages are online only, until further notice, due to the current pandemic. 

Sometimes it takes a lifetime for all the lifestyle influences to catch up with us to the point that we are experiencing symptoms. As these symptoms are not developed overnight we can not expect them all to go away overnight either. The good news is that as soon as we start supporting the body we will see changes. As Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy is addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms we will often need to meet at multiple points along your journey to wellness. For this reason, I am offering the following packages.

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Free 15 minute virtual consultation


This online consultation is a chance for you to chat with me and get a feel for who I am before committing your hard earned money to a longer term package. You can give me a quick overview of what is happening for you and can then decide which package is the right fit for you.

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Health Reboot


This one on one session is your own personal nutrition seminar. I take you through the science based parameters of healthy eating and provide you with a seven day menu plan, including recipes and shopping list, to get you started on the road to wellness. This is not a personalised plan but you will get to choose from vegan, vegetarian or omnivore menus and I can tailor to food allergies. This is a great way to get started on your road to wellness. 


  • 7 day menu plan

  • recipes for all meals and snacks

  • shopping list

  • an extensive PDF document with all the information you will need to move forward with a healthy diet.

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The Curious


This package is for those that are confident in their ability to self motivate, self educate and they just need a bit of help and support getting on the right path.  Usually a 4-6 week program.


  • 1 hour information gathering consultation

  • detailed protocol with diet and lifestyle recommendations 

  • 15 minute telephone or online check in midway between consultations

  • 30 minute follow up consultation

  • maintenance protocol and advice to move forward

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The Committed


This package is aimed at those that are committed to long term support and dedication to creating a better life for themselves. Maybe you are suffering from a chronic illness, have long term symptoms, or have a more complex issue like diabetes or autoimmunity. These people know that it will take time to get them where they want to be and are happy to commit to the process. This is typically a longer process but is individual to each person so there is the option to add sessions on at a later date.


  • 1 hour information gathering consultation

  • detailed protocol with diet and lifestyle recommendations 

  • three 15 minute telephone or online catch up sessions midway between each consultation and the next

  • three 30 minute follow up consultations

  • maintenance protocol and advice to move forward


Online or in person

The pricing and packages for all consultations are the same whether at my home office in East Sussex, via Skype from the comfort of your own home or a mixture of both. If possible, I would prefer to meet you at my home office for our initial consultation.